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About Ivan & His Photography


To get me to start school and to go on the School bus I was promised a camera. I was just 5 years old and the proud owner of a 127 Kodak Brownie, which was my start in the world of photography. By the time my 14th birthday came I had moved on to my first 35 mm, a Halina that I still have today. School was never fun for me except in the science lab where I spent all my spare time in the dark room. Looking back now I remember the delight in seeing an image coming to life in the developing tray and the different effects you can achieve working with the enlarger settings, just holding back or burning in areas in the image. It was not until much later in my life that I got to experience and remember that early introduction to the world of the darkroom and the satisfaction you get producing that image. I’ll come to that later, but first came the introduction to 8 mm movie cameras, my father’s friend had one and he trusted me with it on several occasions, so much so that I had to have one. It was with my 8 mm that my first wedding was filmed on; a friend of the family was getting married and entrusted the filming work to me. But it was not until I had to retire from the haulage business we had that was taking me all over the EU. I enjoyed the travel opportunity our international haulage company was giving me. It allowed me as I travelled all over Europe to put to good uses the Olympus M10 I was now using. But, in the late nineties I developed a back problem that put a stop to any manual type of work and the ability to drive long hours. After long deliberations with what to do we decided to sell the business and move on to something less strenuous. With that decision made I went back to school, night school to be correct. I enrolled on a level two photography coarse to give me my City & Guilds qualifications. This was  hard work that I enjoyed enormously giving me the confidence to take on wedding photography. In that time at night school I built a darkroom, equipped with two enlargers, colour processor and mastered the skill in colour printing. I also upgraded my cameras to a medium format Bronica 120 mm and  replaced the Olympus 35mm with a Nikon F3 and Fm 2. Then as the development of the digital format came in I moved on to a Nikon D70 DX and now the D700 FX. After acquiring  a good computer knowledge in working with Adobe programmes the darkroom is now redundant.

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